Saturday, October 20, 2007

News from Kenya...

Greetings Readers,

Here's a bit of news from Pastor Julius of Massai Mission in Kenya, gleaned from his last email (posted here as received) in our ongoing correspondance. This info should help you understand more clearly some of the challenges of life in the outlands of Kenya. Please consider becoming part of God's plan in helping this pastor meet the needs of his church in this remote part of God's Kingdom...
Dear Stanley,

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ who is our Lord and savior! Thank very much for your email and good work you doing for Christ and his people. am really thinking and challenge with your love and concern for us, understand what you are doing is very costing and time consuming but I have no doubt is worthy in God sight and is Christ work. We are pray for you and your family to get strength and resources from the lord to fulfilled this aggressive vision. We always think of you and desired if the lord will allowed us to meet face to face one day!

Our ministry currently have 300 members excluding children, the number of children obviously out number the adults, since in every family we have at least more than three children and some comes from family which adults are not church goers .Children do not attend church regularly because our community are pastoralist and some children can be a sign (by their parents) to look after either sheep, cows or goat during church services.

The box for shoes is of great help to children here, truly speaking even my two daughters (5 and 3) has no shoes now, I always think about them when they are walking in forest where there is a lot of thorns! It's my prayer that it will reach us safely.

Yes the duty custom due open parcel for security reason and they are only authorized to do that. This is a government body and we do not have any worry for them doing so.

Last Sunday we meet with others pastors from our churches and we discuss how we can use the materials you have sent effectively to benefit our people even illiterate members.We proposed to start small study classes for adult in the church and community to redicate illiteracy to enable every body knows how to read particularly the Bible. We also decided all pastors to be meeting for two days a month for study together using materials. All this is yet to be implemented and I think if the Lord opens away for this to real, may eventually result in Christian centre with Bible College and others activities. This will help us witness effectively to community. Truly Christ message can easily spread through servanthood. Please pray for this vision.

Stanley I also kindly requests any financial assistance to meet some basic need here at home. As voluntary pastor with no employment and only depending small income from crops is not easy. Sometime we found our self in great difficulties and no way to avoid. Please you can help with any amount you wish and it will be of great help for me sustain my family needs. I decided to share with you this needs as family friend and God servant bearing in mind your love toward us. Thank very much, greet all for us.


As you can see Julius has his hands full and labors under very difficult circumstances. My hope is that this website opens the door to him being partnered with others here in America and around the world. Any one desiring additional information is invited to email me and I will fill in as many "blanks" as possible for you.

Thanks so much,


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